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Last weekend we celebrated our sweet little girl’s very first birthday and it wasn’t as bitter sweet as I thought it would be. I am loving watching this silly personality come through the sweet reserved baby I once had. Her baby blue eyes and crazy little smile light up the room and she is so much more of her daddy then I ever could have imagined.

She started walking a week after her birthday, has 7 teeth, and barely any hair (just like her mama did). We are so amazed everyday of what a beautiful little soul she has blossomed into.

We literally spent 1,029 hours blowing up the ALL 362 balloons for her two balloon arches and her balloon wall and we were ready to pass out and have a drink.

We were obsessed with these tiny safari animals that we used as take home gifts for the party,  Ryland wanted to rescue them all and lock them in her room!

We were so overjoyed to have had all of our family and friends come and celebrate with us and I’ve already started pinning for birthday #2!




Ohhhh Disney..

Ohhhh Disney..

We went to Disney for Ryland’s first trip about two months ago (this mama is wayyy behind on life right now..) and it ended up to be a wonderful trip..

Is it just me or does everyone go to Disney with these magical expectations that it’s going to just as amazing with a baby than before a baby?! I had a plan, I should have known then it wasn’t going to be as I imagined. Our first stop was Animal Kingdom, I was dying to see Pandora. Ryland fell asleep right when we pulled in and half way through the park, once we got into pandora the sky opened up and it POURED. Im not even joking when I say we looked like we jumped in a pool… So we left and did what anyone would do, we went to Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs and got mickey shaped cakes!  We were actually pretty impressed with how good they were and dill immediately contemplated going back for more. We spent the rest of the night plying in the hotel and trying to keep Ry from literally yanking the phone from the wall every two minutes.

Saturday we went to Magic kingdom, it was exciting to see her little face take in all the rides and activities going on around her and right after a mickey bar and the biggest Disney meltdown, we went back for naps.

Im pretty sure Belle was her favorite, she wouldn’t leave her side and babbled endless stories from the moment belle picked her up..

If your ever near Disney Springs stop into Ammorette’s, it soooo worth it!

Despite the lines, screaming kids, pouring rain, and magic kingdom food, we had an amazing first Disney trip and can’t wait to go again in February!!