Our favorite Halloween books..

Is it too early for Halloween books?! Ryland is getting to such a fun age, she’ll bring me books and then plop down on top of me waiting for me to read them to her (and then as soon as I start she turns all the pages in the middle of my first sentence). But I love the cuddle time since lately I have to bribe her with everything to get her to slow down for a minute to hang with me, she just walks the house all day stealing my spatulas and yelling dada into my phone, so when she does find a book to bring me ( or squeeze her fingers in and cry when they’re stuck ) I’m all to eager to drop what I’m doing and read to her :).

These are some of our Halloween favorites so far…


Seeking A Witch is my favorite, its just a really adorable book about not so scary witches.


The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin, is Ryland’s favorite, especially when (if I’ve just had coffee) I sing it to her, terribly off key, and she just laughs and wiggles to the beat.


and the Five Little Ghosts, About ghosts who find a haunted house and all the trouble they can find in it, it’s a much older kid book but I get bored with the same two words on each page in all the baby books, so its more for me but she appreciates listening to me none the less.. I hope.

I really can not wait for mid September when all the pumpkin patches start coming out around here, and freshly fried cinnamon donuts, and pumpkin spice everything..