Thirteen Months.

I am pretty sure this has to be my favorite age yet, every stage has it’s ups and downs and the tantrums Ryland throws around here are definitely something. When she is screaming on the floor because I won’t let her plug in my charger or I take away her sippy cup when she is happily dumping it and playing in her puddles on the floor, I think back to those sweet innocent newborn snuggles and her first time rolling over and I crave those days back. However, right now she has just entered the room with the most serious face, in her daddy’s boxers  new scarf and I can’t help but to crack up at her innocence and new sense of discovery.

She is getting into everything and one of my absolute favorites is finding her toys in random places, like the laundry basket or my dresser drawers. I still forget sometimes how much she can actually do now so when I find these random things it makes me smile.